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The Littoral Zone: Australian Contexts and their Writers, Rodopi / Brill, Amsterdam and New York, 2007

The Littoral Zone: Australian Contexts and their Writers (Ecocriticism).
CA. Cranston & Robert Zeller (editors and contributors). The first Australian collection of ecocritical essays. Features Australian environments—deserts, mountains, beaches, indigeneous, islands, Antarctica—by Australian and US scholars, including Bruce Bennett, Tony Hughes-d’Aeth, Mitchell Rolls, Mark Tredinnick, Veronica Brady, Kate Rigby, Ruth Blair, Elizabeth Leane, Tom Lynch, CA. Cranston, Robert Zeller.

Sample reviews of The Littoral Zone:

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Cheryl Taylor, ‘The Littoral Zone’  JASAL Vol. 8, 2008
Helen Tiffin, ‘Green or Greed?’ Australian Literary Studies, Vol. 25, no. 2, 2010
Caitlin Maling, (Review Essay) ‘Planting Roots: A Survey of Introductions to Ecopoetry and Ecocriticism’ The Cordite Poetry Review (2013).

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Along these Lines: From Trowenna to Tasmania. At least two centuries of peripatetic perspectives in poetry and prose.
(Launceston: Cornford Press), 2000.
Edited, Introduced, and Compiled by CA. Cranston.

Seminal in introducing indigenous place names alongside settler constructions. Historical, geographical, and literary place-based anthology tracing Trowunna / Loutrouwitter (Bruny) / Van Diemen’s Land / Tasmania, across the genres. Includes poetry and prose extracts from First Nation people, migrants, settlers, and visitors to the island, including Charles Darwin & Germaine Greer, and ex-pats such as Errol Flynn. “A remarkable annotated anthology” (Dunning, The Kaleidoscope of Launceston, 2018).

Sample reviews of Along these Lines:

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