Cologne Cathedral, GaST Conference

2016 September  GASt Conference, ‘Nature and Environment in Australia’, a Keynote Speaker, University of Cologne, Germany.

2012 October  Public Lecture, ‘Struggling for a Foothold: Demonising Thylacines, Devils, and Island Politics’, U. of Prince Edward Island, Canada

2012 October  Public Lecture (Biology Dept): ‘”Islands are where Species go to Die” [Quammen]: Tasmanian Devils and Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD)’, Duffy Science Centre, U. of Prince Edward Island, Canada

Kaimukanaka Falls, Hawaii
Kaimukanaka Falls, Hawaii

2011 February  Invited speaker, English Department. ‘Islands: a comparison’, U. of Hawai’i-Hilo


Conference Convener: The Association for the Study of Literature, Environment and Culture-Australian and New Zealand, 3rd Biennial International Conference, ‘Sounding the Earth: Music, Language, Acoustic Ecology’ held in Launceston at the Inveresk Cultural Precinct, on 20, 21, 22 October (Photos can be found on the ASLEC-ANZ website). 

CA. with Ronnie Summers, at ASLEC conference, Launceston
With Tasmanian songman, Ronnie Summers, opening of ‘Sounding the Earth’ conference 2010

2009   February   Plenary speaker. ‘(Hydro)power and the (de)formation of Identity in the case of Richard Flanagan’, Representation of Region and Nation in Literary and Culture Studies Conference, U. of Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.  U. Madras.  DOWNLOAD HERE:  In-House Publication pdf. *Excellent teaching resource for Flanagan’s work.

2009 March  ‘The Eco-Story behind the Paper’, Madras Christian College, OSLE-India.

2009 April   ‘Ecocriticism for Beginners’, Queen Mary’s College, Chennai, TN.

2008  September ‘Sustainable Communities: A Military Brat’s Perspective’. ASLE-ANZ (Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment, Australian-NewZealand), RMIT, Melbourne.

2008 July  ‘From Shanty to Shanti’. ASAL (Association for the Study of Australian Literature), Wollongong University, NSW.

2008 April  (Invited Speaker, Public Lecture): ‘Ecocriticism Down Under’.  Indian Institute of Technology (ITT), Madras, Chennai, India.

2008 April ‘Pre-Colonial Imaginings: Post-Colonial Footprints’.  OSLE-India (Organisation for the Study of Literature and the Environment) seminar, Madras Christian College, Chennai, India. (Tertiary Institution).

2007   June ‘Black Politics, Green Behaviour: the Legacy of Oodgeroo Noonucall of Minjerriba’. ASLE (Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment), Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina. (Tertiary Institution)

2007 March (Guest Speaker, Public Lecture): ‘I’d Rather be Hiking: Footnotes and Footwear (and Environmental Literature)’. Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina.

2007 March  ‘Wom(a)n and Sustainability: Theory and Praxis’. Graduate seminar, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina.

2007 May  ‘Wet, in the Mindscape of the Dry’. EASCLE (European Association for the Study of Culture, Literature, and the Environment), Alps-Adriatic University, Klagenfurt, Austria. *Excellent teaching resource for Jack Hibberd’s A Stretch of the Imagination.

2007 July ‘”Shits on Adelaide”[Quote]: Shifting Images of Iron and Water’. ASAL Conference, U. of Western Australia, Perth.

2005 June ‘Cutting Corners: Salvaging Stories’. ASLE Conference, U. of Oregon.

2005 September ‘Pastoral Catastrophe: King Island transformations’. Community, Place and Change Arts Seminar, U. of Tasmania. 

2004 May ‘Ariadne in the Land of Oz’, SDAS (Studies in the English Language and Literature in Slovenia), Portoroz, Slovene. 

2003 June ‘Living Sustainably: Traveler and Tourist Narratives’. Joint Paper, ASLE Conference, Boston U. Ma.

2003 June ‘WebCT: Weep CA: pedagogy and the N-Gens’. Invited paper, as a recipient of University Pioneer Award. Teaching Matters conference, Hobart, U. of Tasmania.

2003 June ‘Rambling in Overdrive’. CTHS (Centre for Tasmanian Historical Studies), Hobart, U. of Tasmania.

2001 June ‘Tasmania: The Really Southern Gothic’. ASLE conference, Flagstaff, Northern Arizona University.

2001 June ‘Regionalism and the Environment’. Panel member, ASLE conference, Flagstaff, Northern Arizona University.

2000 July ‘Providence Regained: Prudent Literature’, ASAL conference, Hobart, U. of Tasmania. 

2001 August ‘Performing Wilderness in a Textual Field’. Arts Seminar, U. of Tasmania. 

2001 Nov. ‘Making Places, Mapping Spaces’. Invited speaker, at The Royal Society of Tasmania, at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery.