A number of these chapters and journal articles can be downloaded through the University of Tasmania’s ecite system (URLs are provided)

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“CA.Cranston’s [chapter] startling for the subtlety and nuance of the thinking, moves comfortably among Judaic concepts _ such as the mitzvah of tzedakah (צדקה) on the one hand, and ‘real-world influence’ (49) on the other – and both summarises a great deal of material and adds significantly to existing research” (Simon Estok, Green Letters, p. 229)

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Book cover

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LITERARY ECOCRITICISM TEACHING RESOURCE: This chapter, with more than 2000 downloads, provides an excellent teaching resource and demonstration of the application of ecocritical methodologies.

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LITERARY ECOCRITICISM TEACHING RESOURCE: The chapter “Wet, in the Mindscape of the Dry” in Words on Water provides an excellent teaching resource demonstrating, among other things, an ecocritical reading of Jack Hibberd’s A Stretch of the Imagination. It discusses also WW2 immigrant responses to Australia’s vernacular building material, corrugated iron.

Book cover

In this, the first collection of ecocritical essays devoted to Australian contexts and their writers, Australian and US scholars explore the transliteration of land and sea thought the works of Australian authors and through their own experiences

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